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Training CAM Certified Asset Management Professional (Training + Sertifikasi AAFM)

This course is focused on how to develop the organizational capability for engaging the workforce to achieve excellent Asset Management performance. Topics covered include analysis of the organizational structure for the purpose of identifying changes needed for a holistic approach to asset management, change management, project management, systems thinking, training . . . Read more

Training Penyeliaan SDM Sertifikasi BNSP

Tanggal: 21 sd 26 Agustus 2017 Tempat: Jakarta I. JUDUL KEGIATAN: Training Penyeliaan SDM Sertifikasi BNSP II. LATAR BELAKANG : Undang-undang pada sektor maupun sub sektor, dalam salah satu pasalnya telah mengatur bahwa setiap tenaga kerja yang bekerja pada sektor maupun sub sektor diwajibkan mempunyai kompetensi yang dibuktikan dengan sertifikasi. . . . Read more

Training CIPM Certified International Project Manager Charter Certification (Training + Sertifikasi AAPM)

By Attending This Program You Will Be Able To Formalize the process of project delivery within your organization• Examine the project delivery cycles Discover tools and techniques that aid in managing the results of various categories of project structures Learn how to develop effective strategies to manage projects The Added Benefits You . . . Read more

Training MPM Master Project Manager (Training + Sertifikasi AAPM)

The American Academy of Project Management ® (AAPM®) is a global Board of Standards supporting the Project Management industry and professionals. Our qualifications are widely recognized through our network of professionals, which encompasses members in over 150 countries and partnerships with over 1000 Universities, Business Schools and training partners. In . . . Read more

Training CPRM Certified Project Risk Manager (Training + Sertifikasi AAPM)

By Attending You Can Learn to Deliver successful projects through better risk management Identify, analyze, respond to, monitor and control, and communicate project risks Effectively quantify and qualify risk impact (what a risk ‘costs’?) ensuring cost/benefit of responses Determine justifiable, defensible values, for cost and schedule contingency Develop and implement . . . Read more