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Training Half-Century Transformer – Applied Maintenance

Learning Objectives
Provides a complete foundational understanding of the internal and external elements of the transformer, and the critical fundamentals of transformer operation and maintenance. This course covers the electrical, mechanical and chemical components of the transformer, the purpose and operating characteristics of these components, and the fundamental requirements and methods for maintenance.

You will have four days of required learning consisting of multiple education formats such as classroom instruction with introductory case study analysis, practical application exercises, group discussions, break-out activities, lab and equipment tours, as well as interactive TTR demonstration and learning. You will be able to add an additional class (elective) of your choice that is specific to a topic, piece of equipment, or area of expertise.

You will participate in the planning of an effective transformer maintenance program and will have the tools to continue or improve the implementation of such a program at your organization. You will review oil analysis test reports, understand the significance of the results, and evaluate the validity and applicability of interpretations supplied by the laboratory.

Participation in practical exercises, activities, and case study analysis performed in class will equip you in determining next steps when analyzing oil and electrical test results.

Interactive Transformer Learning Lab
Diagnostic & Analytical Lab Tour
Introductory tour of repair / rewind facility

SDMyers Instructors

2016/10/25 | 4 hari | Jakarta | SDMyers Instructors | Rp. 19.200.000