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Training Processing Data Laser Scanner

As the name implies, this tool serves to scan a 3-dimensional object (from a distance of course, without touching the object), converts it into a form of CAD drawings, to then be processed further using software specially made by the manufacturer of the Laser Scanner. Along with the development of such tools, software to process the raw data from these tools evolve, too, do not have to use special software tools default, but it can use other CAD software that has been popular, such as AutoCAD, Solidworx, CATIA, etc. another, simply by adding a plug-in tool created by the makers of particular periodicals Laser Scanner or CAD software maker. In its development, the tool has proven to be applicable to many fields, such as oil & gas, mining, automotive, etc.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principle of terrestrial and airborne laser scanning
  • Know how and where to use the laser scanning technology
  • Plan and perform a terrestrial laser scanning project
  • Register point clouds taken from different stations
  • Georeference, segment and classify the point clouds
  • Create digital terrain model from LS data
  • Map the images (textures) onto point cloud
  • Create animated flythrough of the model
  • Publish the model on Google Earth


  • The Principles of Laser Scanners And Electronic Distance Measurement
  • Terrestrial And Air-Born Laser Scanning
  • Metrological Aspects: Error Analysis and Calibration
  • Transformation (Registration) of Multiple Scans
  • Different Methods for Geo-Referencing of Laser Scanning Data
  • The Principles of Inertial Navigation System, its Combination With GPS and Its Use For Georeferencing of Airborne Data
  • The Different Methods for Point Cloud Visualization
  • Data Selection and Filtering
  • Modelling and Inspection
  • Data Processing and Modeling Practice

1. Presentation
2. Discuss
3. Case Study
4. Evaluation

This course is intended for practitioners of data processing, the planners, implementers, supervisors and custodians as well as those who are involved or interested in studying laser scanner Data Processing.

Hotel Merapi Merbabu (****) Yogyakarta
Pukul 08.30 – 16.00 WIB

Request for Training Venue: Semarang, Solo, Bandung, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Jogja, Lombok, Malang, Makassar and Batam
In House Training Depend on request

On Call

On Call

1. Training Hand Out
2. Digital Material
3. Certificate
4. Exclusive Souvenir
5. Qualified Bag
6. Training Photo
7. Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
8. Once lunch and twice coffee break every day of training
9. Qualified Instructor
10. Transportation from airport / railway to hotel and from hotel to the training venue (2 person from one company)

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